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The articles listed below were all written by Guro Drape. Some were published in the media (Black Belt magazine, Journal of Asian Martial Arts, etc.) and some were written for discussion forums or just for students' information. All comments or criticisms are welcome. Let us know what you think.

Several articles (marked with an *) were all published together in the Filipino Martial Arts Digest in the Spring of 2007. These articles were the two History articles, the Misunderstood Art article, and the Misconceptions article.

Can Modern Neurological Research Improve the Way Martial Arts Are Taught?

                           (Published in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts, Fall '03)

The Hunted and Sayoc Kali

                              (Published in Black Belt Magazine, May '03)

History of Eskrima, Pre-1900 *

History of Eskrima in Cebu, Post-1900 *

Eskrima: Evolution and Re-invention *

                            (Published in Black Belt Magazine, October '99)

The Kris - Blade of SE Asia

                            (Published in Black Belt Magazine, Fall '06)

Eskrima- A Misunderstood Art! *

                            (Published in Black Belt Magazine, October '97)

Thoughts on Respect and Martial Arts

The Finger Touch System of Tuhon Bo Sayoc

                        (Published in Black Belt Magazine, October '07)

Psychology of the Blade: Don't Call Yourself a Knife Fighter!

  (Published in the FMA Digest, October '07, a second version was published in Black Belt magazine, Sept.'10)

The Proper Design and Use of the Batangas Knife