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Here are notices of travel, seminars, and anything else which might be of interest to students of the KBS Systems, as well as to people browsing the site.

Aug 2015: Guro Drape has been working in the Middle East for the past 15 years and plans to retire back to the Philippines soon. He will be managing the property with the condo project up and running, as well as continuing the training at the site. The training will at that time begin on a full-time basis. People will be able to come and train at any time of the year, not just during the summer. More later about these plans as they develop.

Aug 2014: The first 3 buildings have been completed on the property. Others are in the planning stages. There are still slots available for anyone interested in a condo in the Philippines!

July-Aug 2013: Guro Drape will be holding the summer training sessions, as well as working on the condo project.

May 2013: The KBS System is exploring possibilities for a full-time training facility. The training would be available all year, and include training in a variety of styles and systems besides the KBS System. Contact us for more information!

Jan 2013: Our condo project is now in pre-construction mode- get your dream home at our secure compound. Contact us for more info before they are all gone!

Mar 2012: Check out the Filipino Informative newspaper for an article on the Batangas Knife written by Guro Drape

Dec 2010: Guro Drape returned to Iraq, working as an Advisor/Mentor to Iraqi Air Force cadets for the US Department of Defense.

September '10: KBS Systems is now offering classes in Emergency First Response First Aid training, PADI-certified SCUBA diving, and classes in handgun permits (NRA- and State of Tennessee certified).

September '10: Check out this month's Black Belt magazine for Guro Drape's article- "Don't Call Yourself a Knifefighter"

April '10- June '10: Guro Drape is in Iraq, conducting U.S. State Department-sponsored training programs for Iraqis.

January 4, '07: GrandTuhon Baltazar "Bo" Sayoc passed away in Cavite, Philippines. He had been battling cancer, and died of congestive heart failure.

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