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KBS System: Filipino Martial Arts
Sticks Training Page

The Sticks component of the KBS System is mainly a solo stick System, though it does include double stick training for warmups, and to get beginners used to moving their hands independently of each other. It covers all three ranges- larga mano (long range), media (middle range) and corto (close range). Basic staff and long-stick (Tapado) training are also available.
Full- and semi-contact sparring is included as the student progresses through the training.

Warmups/Double Stick Basics:

- wrist stretches

- finger dexterity exercises

- wrist strengthening exercises

- footwork exercises

- twirling, chambering drills

- solo stick striking patterns:

- X, L-R-Away, Elsie, Vertical Doble

- Amarra (2)

- KBS numbering system, basic strikes, grips, ranges

- double stick drills:

- redonda, X, broken six patterns

- pinke-pinke drills (1-7)

- double stick techniques (blocks, cross blocks, parries, cross parries)

- parallel stick drills

Single Stick:

Larga Mano:

- 6 angles of attack

- "de-fanging the snake" defensive techniques w/evasion, maintaining distance

- basic striking patterns

- fakes/feinting

- tumba-tumba drill

- parry defense w/counterstriking at media range

- counterstriking drill

- parry defense w/closing drill (4 quadrants off pinke-pinke w/punyo techniques)

- fighting exercises


- basic blocking: sweep, brace, umbrella, off basic angles

- basic 6-count drills 1-3

- Pakgang striking/blocking drills

- advanced 6-count drills 4-7

- thrusting drill

- Palusot drills (4 quadrants)


- snapping angles 1-10, types of strikes

- punyo drills

- grabbing drills, and defense vs. grabs

- cane handling (locks, strips, disarms, etc.)

- two-handed attacks

- Palakaw basics

- bouncing/replacing drills

- Kat-kat drills

- advanced striking patterns

- Palakaw Levels 1-5

- 2-handed stick

Long Stick (Tapado)