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KBS System: Filipino Martial Arts
Kuntao Training Page

Kuntao is what we call our system of emptyhand fighting. As the term kuntao has come to mean a Chinese Martial Art which has been changed from the original due to its coming into contact with the indigenous Arts of a new location, the name seems appropriate.
The System uses primarily the palm and fingertip strikes of baguazhang, and includes aspects of the Filipino mano a mano, with the hand forms actually coming from the stick/blade movements. One major component of the System, which makes it unique among Filipino/Chinese Systems, is the Finger Touch System of Tuhon Bo Sayoc.
The KBS System Kuntao has a groundfighting component, but we do not grapple. The Finger Touch System is particularly well suited to defend against grappling attacks, and since the System focuses mainly on dealing with multiple attackers, we don't want to be rolling around on the ground.
Another major component of the Kuntao System involves the knife. Since the knife is a close-range weapon, many of the drills and exercises used translate very well between the knife and emptyhand fighting. The emptyhand portion of the KBS System can be learned without knife training, if the individual prefers, but mastering the complete System requires knife training. (See Blades training page)

The Kuntao portion of the KBS System is taught in training blocks. Normally, there are 4 blocks, though these can be broken down into smaller pieces depending on the needs of the individual learner.

Training Block 1:

- warm-ups

- footwork exercises

- basic strikes and power generation

- grabbing drills, grip strengthening

- escapes and grabbing attacks defenses

- basic hand techniques

          - hand patterns

                - double hands block/strike

                - crossing hands parry/block (4)

          - trapping hands 2-man drills

- defense options

             - block/check/strike

             - parry/connect/throw

- 3 basic entries (fwd, rev triangles and side-stepping)

Training Block 2:

- basic kicking system

           - sikaran

           - leg traps/entries

           - horse kick

           - sipa

- kick defenses

- defenses against grabbed kicks

- leg techniques

           - sweeps

           - traps

           - 1- and 2-man drills/exercises

- takedowns

Training Block 3:

- 4 quadrants defense, striking system

- reaction drills and targeting

           - response drills

                   - inside

                   - outside

- grappling/takedown

- Finger Touch System, w/Finger Control (pigil daliri)

Training Block 4:

-4 quadrants defense, throws and counters

- throwing (kuai jiao) techniques

- ground fighting

- grappling defenses